Onderhoud Herstelling
Digitale Tachograaf

Trucks, buses and vans

Maintenance and repair of vans, trucks > 3.5 tons and buses, trailers and semi-trailers are among our most important activities, with the emphasis on:

  • Calibrating analogue and digital tachographs
  • The biennial check of speed limiters
  • Annual inspection of your vehicle: control in preparation for the inspection. If required, we drive your car to the inspection station. We pick up your vehicle and return it later.
  • parts service
  • the replacement of windows
  • advice and/or mediation when purchasing and selling company vehicles
  • installation of on-board computers, alcohol testers, on-board units for road loads
  • tire service: sale, repair, installation
  • air conditioning: proper maintenance ensures constant optimal operation and comfort of your system
  • align the wheel geometry

Based on our knowledge and experience of road transport, we know how important it is to keep a vehicle fleet constantly deployable, not only technically and with regard to legislation and regulations, but also with regard to breakdown service.
Using our expertise and flexibility, ATREX Automotive can play an important role in this.
Our service does not have fixed working hours; we will do everything we can to get your company vehicle as quickly as possible back on the road again.

In the event of a breakdown, contact us directly:
Telephone: +32(0)477/61 56 51

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