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You do not have to explain to vintage vehicle lovers how special it is to go out with 'their favourite toy' on nice days or on special occasions. Or what kind of pleasure and satisfaction it gives to tinker with such a car, to restore it and obtain preferably original parts.

Unfortunately, we cannot deliver the sunny days, but for the rest you will find everything you need for your vintage car at ATREX Automotive:

  • the purchase of your vintage car
  • the sale of your classic car, which we sell for you on consignment
  • professional maintenance, repair and restoration work together with an enormous share of enthusiasm and passion as extra bonus
  • parts, new or used, we are happy to help you
  • tires for vintage cars and for motorsport from our own tire centre
  • pick up, transport and repair in the event of a breakdown of your vintage car. You can always contact us, we can even be reached by telephone after closing time at +32(0)477/61 56 51
  • storage facility for a short and longer term for your vintage car, motor, boot
  • a full service package. We take care of the full servicing of your vintage car and store it in our own spacious hall
  • air-conditioning service: proper maintenance ensures constant optimum operation and comfort of your system
  • cleaning and paint stripping of parts in our large blasting cabinet such as rims, engine blocks, engine add-on parts … We are able to blast with glass granulate, we can offer glass shot blasting, walnut granulate, soda …
  • cleaning of parts via ultrasound technology
  • aligning the wheel geometry

Just take a look at the pages 'for sale' or 'sold' to get an idea which vintage cars you find with us.



In addition to a fully equipped workshop and a showroom, ATREX Automotive also has a spacious facility for the storage of vintage cars, motor.

The basic rate for a vintage car storage lot is 50.00 EUR per month excluding VAT.

Your vehicle is parked in a closed, monitored and conditioned hall. In this price we provide, if required, a protective cover, a constant battery charger and an oil leak plate.

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