20210322 Skylimit Trackday 0418
24h Zolder 2022
BMW 635
E12 Bastos
Ford Capri
Nissan Primera
Start 2


  • Purchase and sale of racing cars
  • Sale and installation of slicks and semi-slicks
  • Overhaul and tuning of engines
  • Geometry alignment and Weigh out
  • Service and modifications to racing cars
  • Cleaning of parts with all kinds of abrasives and ultrasonic
  • Installation of engine management systems (EMS & CARROT)
  • Building of complete racing cars
  • Service and guidance during track days
  • Distributor of KMS https://kms.vankronenburg.nl/
  • Distributor of CARROT https://carrotps.com/
  • Distributor of BIESHEUVEL AUTOSPORT https://www.biesheuvel.nl/
  • Distributor of INTRAX SUSPENSIONS https://www.intraxracing.nl/

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