Privacy Policy

1. Cookies

This website uses cookies. These are small files with data that are sent by this website to your browser and are saved on your hard drive. These data are used to identify the returning visitor and to better adjust the website to the needs of the user. In this way, the visitor will be able to log in faster and possibly see the adapted content. This way, you do not have to fill in your personal details every time you visit the website.

If you wish to delete these cookies, please consult the manual of your browser. You also have the possibility within your browser to configure your settings regarding these cookies. For example, you can configure the browser to prevent the use of cookies, to always notify you when a cookie is being created or to delete the cookies from your hard drive afterwards.

2. Contact details

You have the right to inspect all personal data that we collect from you. You can have any incorrect or incomplete data changed or deleted. If you want to do so, please contact the managers of the website directly and provide them with the necessary contact details.

A visitor always has the right to have his data changed or removed from the database, therefore the contact details have to be sent directly to our address.

Our contact details are:

Atrex BV 
Albert Quintinlaan 5
B-3900 Pelt
Nolimpark 1609
t +32 (0)11 94 12 21
t +32 (0)477 61 56 51
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
VAT BE 0437 514 540

3. Statistics

Certain data are stored in statistics, which allows us to better analyse the surfing behaviour of our visitors. This data may consist of browser type, IP address, the operating system you use and the domain name of the website through which you have entered this website. These statistics allow us to better optimize our website for our users and are completely anonymous.